Calendar 2015/2016

Below is a list of swim clinics within the province of Ontario, and longer swim events within an 8-hour driving distance from Ottawa. Please note travel times posted are google maps estimates only, leaving from downtown Ottawa. If you’re considering any of the events below, be sure to consult the official website to confirm dates, times, and any swim/suit/conduct rules related to the event.


2015/12/18-30 Oannes Swims – Holiday Swim Training Camp Scarborough, Ontario 425km, 3h53min


2016/06/04 CIBBOWS 2 Bridges
OWS Ocean – 2.5/5 km
Poughkeepsie, NY 579km, 6h7min
2016/06/26-07/3 NYOW 8 Bridges
OWS Ocean – 7 stages, 120+ miles
Hudson, NY 506km, 5h23min
2016/06/18 & 07/02 Son of a Swim
OWS Lake – 2/4/6 mile
Newport, VT 368km, 3h37min
2016/06/24 Technosport Race
OWS Lake – 2km
Gatineau, QC 24.4km, 27min
2016/07/09 Fire Island Ocean Swim
OWS Ocean – 1 mile and 5/10k
Fire Island, NY 806km, 8h25min
2015/07/18 Traversée internationale du lac St-Jean
OWS Lake – 1/2/5km
Roberval, Quebec 616km, 6h31min
2015/07/18 Traversée internationale du lac St-Jean
OWS Lake – 32km solo swim
Roberval, Quebec 616km, 6h31min
2015/07/25 Swim Across the Sound
OWS Ocean – 25km
Bridgeport, CT 671km, 7hr20min
2015/07/25 Kingdom Swim OWS Champs
OWS Lake – 10 mile
Newport, VT 368km, 3h37min
2015/07/25 Kingdom Swim other events
OWS Lake – 1/3/6 mile
Newport, VT 368km, 3h37min
2015/07/25 Border Buster
OWS Lake – 15 mile
Newport, VT 368km, 3h37min
2015/07/25 Technosport Race
OWS Lake – 3km
Gatineau, QC 24.4km, 27min
2016/07/30 CIBBOWS Grimaldo’s Mile
OWS Ocean – 1 mile
Coney Island, NY 738km, 7h13min
2015/07/31 Traversée Intl du lac Memphrémagog
OWS Lake – 1/2/5km
Magog, QC 318km, 3h9min
2015/08/01 Seymour Swim
OWS Lake – 1.75 / 3.5 mile
Morgan, VT 378km, 3h52min
2015/08/3 AKTIV Open Water Swim Series
OWS Closed Canal – 1.5/1.9/3.8km
Welland, ON 582km, 5h20min
2015/08/7 La Traversée Intl du Lac Mégantic
OWS Lake – 1/2/5km
Lac-Mégantic, QC 446km, 4h36min
2015/08/08 Crystal Swim
OWS Lake – 5 miles approx
Castleton, VT 375km, 4h33min
2015/08/8 AKTIV Open Water Swim Series
OWS Lake – 1.5/1.9/3.8km
St Catharines, ON 557km, 5h6min
2015/08/8 The LOST Race
OWS Lake – 3.8km
Oakville, ON 485km, 4h26min
2015/08/9 Elma Couture Provincial Championships
OWS Closed Canal – 3/5/10km
Welland, ON 582km, 5h20min
2015/08/09 Island Pond Swim
OWS Lake – 4 miles approx
Island Pond, VT 395km, 4h4min
2015/08/10 Echo Lake Swim
OWS Lake – 6km, 12km
Ludlow, VT 442km, 5h17min
2015/08/11 Lake Seymour Swim
OWS Lake – 6.2 miles approx
Morgan, VT 378km, 3h52min
2015/08/12 Lake Massawippi Swim
OWS Lake – 9 miles approx
Ayers Cliff, QC 339km, 3h24min
2015/08/13 Lake Memphremagog Swim
OWS Lake – 6.2 miles
Newport, VT 368km, 3h37min
2015/08/15 Willoughby Swim
OWS Lake – 5 miles
Orleans, VT 388km, 3h58min
2015/08/15 Swim me a River – Rose Pitonof Swim
OWS Ocean – 17 mile
New York, NY 722km, 7h7min
2015/08/15 Technosport Race
OWS Lake – 4km
Gatineau, QC 24.4km, 27min
2015/08/16 USMS 2 Mile OW National Champs
OWS Lake – 2 mile
Lake Placid, NY 237km, 3h
2015/08/16 Caspian Swim
OWS Lake – 3 mile
Greensboro, VT 417km, 4h16min
2015/09/5 In Search of Memphre
OWS Lake, Cold Water – 25 mile
Newport, VT / Magog, QC 368km, 3h37min
2015/09/26 CIBBOWS Coney Island Triple Dip
OWS Ocean -1/5/10mile
Coney Island 738km, 7h17min
2015/10/10 Georgeville or Bust
OWS Lake, Cold Water – 15 mile
Newport, VT / Georgeville, QC 368km, 3h37min

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