Yum! Lunch bowl with Chinese black rice, seasoned tofu and roasted kuri squash

Eating well is a key cornerstone of performance, here’s what I’m preparing this week for lunches. For each bowl, measure out:

1/3 cup cooked Chinese black rice

3/4 cup grilled or pan-fried marinated tofu

1/3 cup kuri squash, pan-roasted with a little olive oil

1 1/2 cups pan-steamed veggies

1 Tbsp light dressing of choice


The great thing about these lunch bowls is that, with the exception of rice,  everything is made using the same pan. I cook off each item one at a time, and simply dish out into containers as it’s ready.

For this week’s bowls, I used a black rice I picked up at Farmboy. A little pricy, but worth it – it adds a delicate nutty flavour and intriguing black-purple colour. It’s a bit sticky, so if you’re using a rice steamer be sure to add just a touch extra water. I also rinsed the rice as I measured it out to remove the black liquid remaining in the pot. I’m trying kuri squash for the first time, another Farmboy find. I have a thing for squash, I don’t even really know the differences in taste or have yet to try much more than simple roasting techniques for cooking, but if it’s pleasingly shaped with a pretty colour, it’s going in my cart and coming home with me.

For protein, I pan-fried Shefu BBQ tofu nuggets in a tiny bit of olive oil. Aside from the roasted squash, my choice of veggies for these bowls were pan-steamed kale, purple cabbage, and yellow zucchini, as well as raw grated carrot. A word on pan-steaming: I put a bit of olive oil in a pan on  medium heat, added my kale cabbage, tossed veggies in the oil, and put on the cover. Lift the lid to stir every 30-45 seconds or so, natural liquids from the veggies will create steam. I take my veggies off the heat while still crisp (2-3 mins), but it’s your preference as to how long you’d like to cook them.


Topped with fresh cilantro, grated carrot, and a creamy but light yogurt and dill dressing. Yum!


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