Week in review: September 21-27, 2015 (week 10)

Progress Report

Things are picking up, made it to 3 team practices this week, 2 of which started at 5:30am. So, feeling pretty chuffed, as the brits say. DIstance hasn’t been much to write about, but the swim camp came to a close, so I expect things to pick up soon:

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 6.53.08 PM

Today’s camp was a real eye-opener, I learned to change my arm movement a bit and rotate more. With an exagerated rotation of shoulders, I did a finger-drag drill. And like a small miracle, I actually had good clearance up over the water, rather than a low-sweep across to the front. I still want to work on positioning my elbow and hand most suitable for open water, which to me is a high straight-arm to mitigate chop, but hey, body rotation and good clearance is a start.

In other good news, we’re still outside, long live fall swimming!

group pic

The leaves in Gatineau Park are starting to change, ever so slightly. In a week or two, the hills will be stunning. Apparently this weekend also marks the start of Fall Rhapsody in the Park, there are people and cars everywhere, making parking at Blanchet impossible. Best to stick with O’Brien Beach for the next couple of weeks instead:

FullSizeRender-138 FullSizeRender-142

In any case, the water was amazing, cool, crisp, clear. Somehow I felt even more aware of my body’s movements as I glided through waves, maybe the cold keeps you more alert, who knows. It was a great swim, hopefully we can sneak in a few more weeks!

FullSizeRender-137 FullSizeRender-139


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