Week in review: August 3 – 9, 2015 (week 3)

Progress Report

On vacay in the maritimes this past week, so no team practices for me. We spent the week preparing an early surprise party for my mums 70th birthday, so very little swimming either – just 2 x 1 km swims out on the lake by their cottage:

Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 6.43.49 PM

Mum’s birthday isn’t until October, but everyone’s around during the summer, so we hosted a potluck and bbq for about 60 people. Great surprise, tons of fun! Here’s me with mums and younger sisters:

Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 7.24.58 AM

For those of you swimmers lucky enough to have a cottage on a lake, my dad does something kinda neat. Each year, after the ice melts in spring, he heads out on the water in a boat with a pre-measured piece of string, and sets 2 buoys about 100m apart. So when he feels like doing laps, as opposed to swimming across the lake itself, he’s got an idea of the distance he swims. Here was yesterday’s swim, back and forth between both buoys:

Screen Shot 2015-08-09 at 7.44.19 AM  FullSizeRender-88

My absence from our usual Saturday swim was noted, and I received a nice pic from the swimmie gang:


One more week of vacay, then back to reality, and pretty soon – back to regular pool practices!

In Other News

Fellow Technosport swimmer Gen Mackwood swam the LOST race last weekend. A few days before the race, Lake Ontario waters turned over, and colder water replaced the warmer water on the surface, dropping the surface temp to 10C (50F). She placed second in the skins category (meaning, traditional swimsuit only, no wetsuit). The girl’s a machine!

Speaking of other impressive ladies, a couple of impressive swims coming out of the 2015 FINA World Champs in Kazan:

Katie Ledeckly set a new World Record in the 1500m free prelims, and then broke it again during the finals. Yeesh.

Ana Marcela Cunha, lauded as one of the greatest open water swimmers of our time, won bronze in the 10km and gold in the 25km open water races. Incredible stroke rate, worth scouring youtube to take a further look at her technique.


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