Week in review: July 20-26, 2015 (week 1)

Seeing as how I’m officially back “on plan”, albeit the first few weeks are just prep to get back into a routine, thought I’d track my progress and other good stuff in a weekly wrap-up…

Progress Report

I made it to a team practice at the pool, Tuesday night, first in a long time. If you think that’s no big deal, you’d be wrong. I was really nervous, but Tuesday nights usually are pretty chill and a lot of friendly folks tend to show up. I swam with one other person in my lane, I couldn’t keep up, but tried my hardest, swimming 100s on 1:45, with 30 secs rest. We made it work. Felt pretty great, I kept visualizing myself zipping through waves in open water. Such a dork. But a happy dork. Week 1 done, 1 practice, 2km total.

Screen Shot 2015-07-26 at 9.12.32 PM

Also, I was tickled pink to discover this week – quite by fluke – that I currently hold a Ontario provincial masters swimming age group record for open water 10km, set in 2013. Me, a superstar, oh my!

11703107_10152807765876599_58450994418802862_n  11781813_10152811607401599_7253835980940220808_n

In Other News

Had a rough week? Mick Fanning might have you beat, fending off a large shark last weekend while waiting to catch a wave at the J-Bay Open off the coast of South Africa. Someone’s coolness factor just multiplied tenfold.

Came across someone else toughing it out. Ever wonder who’s behind the races you attend, or just how much goes into planning them? Read up on the difficulties of race-directing. I first heard of Deborah’s work on the King Wolf Swim series through Facebook, and thought, that gal rocks, she’s doing what I wanted to, what I hoped someone would do; bring more, longer swims to the area. Near to my heart, the 10km marathon. People, if you’re going to give feedback – and please do because it’s a rich source for improving an event – at least don’t be a douchebag about it. If you swam the event, and have happy thoughts about it, be sure to drop Deborah a line…

In Vermont, Kingdom Swim took place on Saturday, leaving me with mixed feelings. Happy for the swimmers, especial the 11-year old who nailed a 6-miler (10km) and her 8-year-old sister equally awesome on the 1-mile (1.6km), but bummed I had to cancel my own swim. Hopefully next year. Memphre will have to contend with me yet!

Back home in the maritimes, a woman hailing from Hamilton, Ontario completed a double-crossing of the Northumberland Straight, swimming from Nova Scotia to PEI, then to New Brunswick in under 17 hours. Wicked.


Happy swimming!


One thought on “Week in review: July 20-26, 2015 (week 1)

  1. siglindesarts

    I have walked across the bridge there, one way. It was 13 km. I can’t even contemplate swimming that distance – twice!



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